Established in 2000, AKROPOLIS MARITIME AGENCY is a well-established, reliable, independent and solvent shipping agency in Lome. Headquartered in Lome, Togo. We are heading up our 24/7 round the clock ships handling team with proven knowledge of Togo hub handling. We are proud in acting as a General Agent for several major shipowners and providing keenly competitive optimum service,  having sound financial guarantees and dedicated, highly qualified staff with fluent English, professionalism and reliability. Akropolis Maritime  Agency provides a variety of shipping agency services and logistics services. Port agency, Husbandry services agency, Protecting agency, transit agency, General ship Supply and all Logistics services at all Lome ports. Many ship owners, charterers, managers, and traders rely on our reliable and professional services for over 10 years. Akropolis maritime agency expertly organizes communication process, controls, and reduces expenses and protects your interests in a professional manner. We involve personal contact with our clients and with the cutting-edge information technology infrastructure, we can proudly declare that our port agency services ensure that all our customers’ needs are met efficiently and effectively. We can provide high quality service with very economy rates For husbandry services.

Port Call: We act as a Port Call agent for all sorts of ships in all Lome ports at very low agency costs. Have the ability to obtain extremely acceptable berths for vessels calling in Lome ports, allowing for a very speedy turnaround with no idle time. Only 75% of the total Proforma of Port Call can be remitted in advance; the remaining balance will be settled after the final disbursement account is finalized. During a vessel’s port call in Lome port, we may provide all of the above-mentioned services.

Collection of marine waste: At Lome port, reception of ship-generated waste and polluted water from ships is performed in accordance with Togo port rules recommendations, subject to the requirements of the Lome port control Procedures for Reception of Ship-generated Waste and Polluted Water and for Development of a Ship-generated Waste Handling Plan, and the requirements of the Ship-generated Waste Management Plan at Lome port. We can receives from ships all waste groups  including oil waste (oily sludge, bilge water, tank washings, dirty ballast water, etc.), garbage (food waste, plastic, etc.), sewage (from toilets) and waste noxious liquid substances (cargo residues, prewash water, tank washings, etc.). The reception of ship-generated waste and its transfer to licensed waste management organisations is organised by ship agents.

Ship Bunkering: Optimise your stays wherever you go. Whether it be along side or at OPL, our team have the local knowledge and connections to ensure your bunker call happens quickly, safely and at the lowest possible cost.



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