We aims to be a preferred service provider for customers with maritime services requirements, offering safe and efficient. Our experience, dedication, and financial standing enable us to provide high quality services in response to our customers’ needs and expectations

VISION STATEMENT: To be the partner of choice in the shipping industry recognized for delivering effectively. To be recognized as a Company with strong values and a commitment to meet our Customers needs with the intent to exceed their service expectations.

MISSION STATEMENT: Akropolis Maritime Agency aims to be a preferred marine service provider for Customers. We endeavour to deliver excellent service through efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions, we offers safe and efficient maritime services . With the help of its experienced staff and business partners, we understands its clients’ needs and strives to exceed their expectations.

COMPANY CORE VALUES: Honesty, Accountability, Reliability, Resourcefulness, Service-Oriented, Trustworthiness, Adaptability. We commit to the Safety of our Personnel and the Environment.

RESPECT: We will regard our personnel as our greatest assets and will ensure their long term well-being and fair treatment.

INTEGRITY: We will exhibit the highest levels of honesty, accountability, transparency, and responsibility in how we do business.

BUSINESS ETHICS: The objective of our business ethics program is to ensure that employees maintain the honesty and integrity required by the Akropolis Maritime Agency “Code of Conduct”, while meeting the needs of our clients.

INTEGRITY STRATEGY: Our success and reputation are not only dependent on the quality of the products and services we provide to our clients, but also on how we conduct business. This is entirely based on the trust our clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers and partners place in us. We earn this trust by being transparent and honest, and by maintaining the integrity of our principles by openly addressing concerns and thorough investigation of suspected misconduct.

POLICIES: We aim to achieve the maximum possible benefit for all our stakeholders – our employees, customers and the communities in which we operate.

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